About me

First and foremost, I love Grass Valley and the people here. I am blessed to call this city home and to have the time to serve my community.

My entire adult life I have volunteered to serve the communities in which I have lived. My career was spent problem solving, as an analyst in government programs, the banking industry, and the healthcare industry. The skills and knowledge gained while volunteering and from my career will be very useful as your City Council Representative.

To learn more about me, please read below the details about my values, my career, and my volunteer work. I ask for your support in this election, so that I may use all that I have learned to help build a better Grass Valley.

(Details below.)

Personal values

My personal values, written in 1986, have guided me for decades. They include:

  • Stewardship of my personal resources and the resources entrusted to me by others

  • Integrity--I'm honest and fair

  • Responsibility for my choices and their outcomes

  • Optimism for the future

Public values
There are key values that frame my higher level visions for Grass Valley as well as my everyday interactions with others in our community. These include:

  • Support for our key institutions: competitive markets, science, democracy, the arts, independent press, and public education

  • Diversity of opinion, from which the best solutions can be found

  • Inclusion of all community members in our public life, whether through local government, non-profit agencies, or the business community.


Be Prepared!

I hold dear the Boy Scout's Motto: Be Prepared. Two programs I have completed in the past few years to learn more about our community and local government are the:

  • Nevada County Citizens' Academy

  • Nevada County Community Leadership Institute program

I also was appointed to and serve on two oversight committees:

  • Measure B (NJUHSD Bond) 

  • Measure C (Nevada County Library sales tax) 

Finally, for several years I have attended Economic Resource Council, Nevada Irrigation District Board, and Grass Valley City Council meetings.

This has helped me learn about local issues affecting Grass Valley and to meet many of the community leaders I will work with when I am a City Council member.

My career

  • California State Government (program analyst; 6 years)

  • Wells Fargo Bank (financial analyst, manager, and Asst. Vice-President; 10 years)

  • UnitedHealth Group (research analyst; 10 years)

Grass Valley volunteer experience

  • Nevada County Master Gardeners

  • Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

  • League of Women Voters of Nevada County

  • SYRCL (with others, honored as 2017 Volunteer of the Year)

  • Nevada County Media (formerly Nevada County TV) 

  • Wolf Creek Lodge Association:  Chair

  • Sierra Streams Institute: Board of Directors

  • Citizens Climate Lobby: Climate speaker

Other volunteer experience (Sacramento and Oakland)

  • Two neighborhood associations

  • Big Brothers

  • Sierra Club

  • Adult literacy reading program

  • Dance group Board of Directors

  • American River College Foundation: Board of Directors



  • AA degree in Math-Physical Science from American River College

  • BA degree in Economics from UC Berkeley

  • MS degree in Agricultural Economics from UC Davis

  • PhD degree in Experimental Psychology from UC Berkeley

  • Many other courses taken in accounting, finance, business law, physical and life sciences

Personal interests

  • Hiking

  • Promoting Wolf Creek Trail

  • Photography and videography