Paid for by Bob Branstrom for Grass Valley City Council 2018

FPPC #: 1407910

My vision for Grass Valley

Grass Valley has a lot going for it. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in paradise. However, we do face issues here that require attention to protect and improve what we have. Change is inevitable, but knowing where we want to go will help us move in a positive direction. 

My vision for Grass Valley includes the following:

  • a more diverse economy: increased local technology and manufacturing employment opportunities

  • increased livability: more walkable neighborhoods and downtown; improved parks and recreational opportunities; improved public safety (police and fire protection); more affordable housing; road repair

  • more civic engagement: increased community involvement by our community members, where everyone feels welcome participating in our local government, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and social activities 

I believe these changes will help everyone in Grass Valley, but especially young people in their 20s and 30s. We need well-paying jobs and affordable housing for these young people who want to raise their families here and to be contributors to our community.