My Vision for Grass Valley

Grass Valley has a lot going for it. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in paradise. However, we face issues that require attention to protect and improve what we have. Change is inevitable, but knowing where we want to go will help us move in a positive direction. 

My vision for Grass Valley focuses on these key local needs:

  • More higher-paying, living wage jobs, achieved by developing our local strengths: technology, light industry/manufacturing, and cannabis.

  • More housing, achieved by cooperating with builders to meet our local needs, with incentives for multi-family infill development.

  • More broadband connectivity, achieved by supporting a local public cooperative, similar to other rural communities across the country.

  • More citizen engagement, achieved by leveraging our community's talents through partnerships with individuals, nonprofit organizations, business associations, and social groups.

  • Stronger downtown and other businesses struggling to rebuild after COVID-19 losses and power shutoffs, achieved through cooperative problem solving.

There are other forces beyond Grass Valley that we cannot ignore, because they affect us as well. So, my vision includes addressing these larger issues:

  • Racial justice, achieved by working with our community to ensure city practices treat everyone fairly and respectfully, plus support for re-establishing Federal recognition of our local Nisenan tribal members.

  • Climate change mitigation, achieved by reducing Grass Valley's carbon footprint, addressing the local impacts and costs of climate change, and supporting Federal climate legislation.


I believe these changes will help everyone in Grass Valley, especially young people in their 20s and 30s. We need well-paying jobs and affordable housing for young families who want to raise their families here and to be contributors to our community. We also need to do our part to address global climate change, so our young people have a viable future.