I am pleased to have the endorsement of members of our community, as well as long-time friends. Read what they have to say below.


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What do people say about Bob?

Howard Levine is a local icon, winner of the 2018 Lambert Award and a decades-long supporter of our community. He is an artist, a businessman, a City Council Member. and former Mayor. Before that, he served on a school board, the Grass Valley Downtown Association, and the Grass Valley Planning Commission. 

So, it is a deep honor that Howard has endorsed me to serve on Grass Valley's City Council. He offered these words of support:

Bob Branstrom has been a citizen advocate working on committees and boards to improve Grass Valley and Nevada County. He has been involved with the Wolf Creek Trail, the remodel of the Center for the Arts, and many other endeavors. He works with all and facilitates inclusion and dialogue. On budget he has shown depth in analytical skill as he has been involved in our public hearings with our Finance Director.

Thank you, Howard, for your friendship and endorsement.

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Ricki Heck: Integrity, smart, and committed to follow through. He has my full support.

Hank Meals: Bob Branstrom has business and technical savvy and he will bring a humanitarian dimension to the Grass Valley City Council. He is energetic, intelligent, diligent, inquisitive, positive and capable – an ideal candidate for a growing city.

Louise Johnson: Bob served on our Measure B Bond Oversight Committee for Nevada Joint Union High School District. He was always well prepared, informed and asked insightful questions.

Michael Anderson: What I appreciate most about Bob is that he is a great listener and takes copious notes on complicated subjects that face our sometimes polarized electorate. Even if he doesn't agree with you, he definitely understands your point of view and why you came to your conclusion.

Rachel Howard: Bob Branstrom is such an asset to our community: kind, reasonable, well informed, and positive-minded. I'm confident he would be a consensus builder who would listen closely to the people of Grass Valley.

Jeff Klus: He has also been a wonderful advocate for the many needs of our town which have included hearing impairment assistance initiatives, better and improved walking trail systems, and a host of others.

Nancy & Stephen Jeffery: Bob has the background and temperament to serve this city he loves! He would bring intelligence, curiosity, empathy, and strong analytical skills to the Council.


Lori Burkart Frank: Bob loves Grass Valley. He is intelligent. He is involved in the community. And, he is well informed on local issues. These are the qualities I look for in my representatives.

Chris Newsom, MD: Bob is the kind of wise, clear-thinking leader our community needs to help reconcile what divides us, and work to achieve what can bring us together.

Mike Bloebaum: His life is about giving back to Grass Valley as a volunteer, organizer, activist and donor.

Barbara & Ed Thomas: We have known and observed Bob Branstrom for several years. He is easy to work with and will bring maturity and wisdom with him if elected.

Tim Collins: His presentation on Climate Change to our group was smart, clear and science based.


Indivisible Women of Nevada County

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Franceska Alexander

Dalia Anderman

Michael Anderson

Myra Arstein

Shera Banbury

Dawn Bateman

Robert Bateman

Darrell Berkheimer

Mike Bloebaum

Bruce Bolinger

Charlotte Bolinger

Jacque Bromm

Angie Buist

Lori Burkart Frank

Gayle Carter

Carole Chapman

Meredith Cherry

Kwong Chew

Debra Christianson

Janet Cohen

Tim Collins

Mike Contino

Shannon Cotter

Jim Culang

Susan Davis

Dee Anne Dinelli

Vicki Dotterer

Tom Durkin

Paul Elias

Rochelle Elias

Lynn Ely

Shanti Emerson

Eric Engles

Krista Ericson

Geo Gaile

Lynda Guthrie

Reed Hamilton

Jenny Hale

Ricki Heck

Ed Hensley

Nancy Hill

Joel Houtman

Theresa Houtman

Rev. Lanette Howard

Rachel Howard

Lynn Howe

Magdalene Jaeckel

Nancy Jeffery

Stephen Jeffery

Margie Joehnck

Louise Johnson

Pam Jung

Gail Johnson Vaughan

Eric Jorgensen

Frannie Jorgensen

Sandy Knight

Jeff Klus

Howard Levine

Donna Levreault

Betty Louise

Ellen MacDonald

Suzanne Marriott

MaryAnn McDonnell

Walt McNeill

Hank Meals

Sushila Mertens

Bob Miller

Brad Miller, MD

Clara Miller

Pamela Miller

Nancy Morehouse

Colleen Morris

Christine Newsom, MD

Steve Nicola

Marilyn Nyborg

Mary Orr

Jeff Peach

Gale Peach

Brad Peceimer

Geoff Pollard

Joyce Rasmussen

Sandra Rockman

Janice Rosner

Iris Ross

Lisa Schliff

Deleaua Shannon

Judy Silberman

George Simko

Norma Solarz, DDS

Jaime Stathis

Barbara Thomas

Ed Thomas

Wendy Thompson

Karen Tricomi

John Volz

John Volz, Jr.

Robin Wallace

David Whitehead

Ginger Whitehead

Kitty Williamson

Jeannie Wood

Pinky Zalkin

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